Ice Fish

3D, Branding, Print

Ice Fish is a store based in Italy who sell mainly sea food frozen product.
Our client has three store and he asked us to redesign the entire brand and open a new store.
The concept of the new store it’s a little bit different from the others.
We was asked to redesign the entire logo concept, signage,
ticket price, card and stationary for a new store.

Sketches First of all we had a long (but very funny) brief to set up the new goal of the client. Then we choose a new target and a new language of communication for him. After this we produced some sketches on paper, then we step up to the Mac.

from 1981 to 2016

Our Updates

We thought that the first version of the logo was very complex and confused. There was too many colors, fonts and it was very intricate. It was impossible to make it smaller. Before to come out with final version we design a middle version of the logo very close to the first one. We just try to make everything more clear and coherent.


The Market (Before)
We worked shoulder to shoulder with the interior designer to give to the store a very clean mood, with simple line and a neutral color (light wood) to reflect the logo style.

The Market (After)


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